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M3S, launched in 2023 as part of MIT's SMART program in Singapore, applies AI and machine learning practically, addressing technology design, human skill development, and societal adaptation to AI, automation, and robotics, with the goal of creating inclusive, resilient solutions with global impact.

Mens, Manus, and Machina (M3S)

M3S Seminar Series: Max Li (March 15, 2024)

Professor Max Li from University of Michigan will give a talk on "Uncertain of your uncertainties: Integrating predictions and distributionally robust optimization" on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024.

We will study specific relationships between humans, machines and institutions

Physical and digital

interfaces and

AI foundations

AI for human capital

development and

economic growth

Human-machine dynamics

in task design and

resource allocation

This critical research area aims to establish Singapore as a global leader in AI-enabled teamwork, fostering talent attraction, local skill development, and infrastructure investment allocation.


The Singapore National Research Foundation supports this multi-million, multi-year project convening MIT, National University of Singapore, and Singapore Management Univerity investigators and talented researchers from engineering, computer science, management and social science backgrounds.

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