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M3S, an interdisciplinary research group launched in July 2023 under MIT's SMART program in Singapore, aims to apply AI and machine learning practically, inspired by MIT's motto "mens et manus" (mind and hand). This initiative focuses on addressing crucial questions related to technology design, human skill development, and societal adaptation in the context of AI, automation, and robotics. By investigating the complex interplay between human abilities, emerging technologies, and societal structures, M3S seeks to generate significant scientific, societal, and commercial impacts. The ultimate goal is to develop inclusive, resilient, and innovative solutions that empower individuals, institutions, and cities in Singapore and beyond.


The M3S research program comprises seven ambitious projects spanning diverse fields such as robotics, brain interfaces, machine learning algorithms, sustainability, and technology acceptance. This interdisciplinary approach, combining sensor fusion, robotics, and generative machine learning, guided by insights from social science research, represents a novel and holistic perspective. The program acknowledges the importance of preserving human welfare and productivity in the face of automation, striving to ensure that automation enhances human capabilities rather than replacing them. Additionally, M3S anticipates creating commercial opportunities, including improved augmented reality devices and productivity-enhancing algorithms, with potential applications in industries like Changi Airport, while collaborating with SMU to support lifelong learning in Singapore's evolving labor market.

M3S Program

Our research will be focused on three themes and seven projects:

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